I have been coaching senior executives for over 14 years. My coaching work is complemented by my work in leadership development, organisational development, and business planning. I have coached more than 70 business owners and senior executives in my career.

I began coaching in 2006 when I studied and qualified as a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and I continue to draw on NLP approaches in my coaching practice. I have a passion for the study of philosophy and have been part of an active study group for many years. I am now a volunteer tutor of philosophy and mindfulness for a global charity. I also practice meditation and seeks to utilise the stillness and insight I gain from this in my coaching practice.

Clients describe working with me as ‘supportive and challenging’, ‘insightful’ and ‘objective’. My approach to coaching is to provide headspace for clients to explore challenges, reflect on their feelings, consider different perspectives, explore options, and identify appropriate approaches and actions.


‘Liz has helped me become clear about what I need to do to be more effective in my role and what I need to do differently to lead my team.’

Senior Manager, Social Care Sector

Working with me

I draw on various schools of thought in my practice including neuro linguistic programming (NLP), transactional analysis, positive psychology, philosophy and mindfulness. My focus is always to support coachees by providing headspace and a sounding board to enable them to develop their own solutions to challenges. I underpin coaching sessions with a structured approach which I flex to meet the situation:

  • Establishing the outcome the client wants from a coaching session
  • Listening and encouraging the client to reflect and problem solve for themselves
  • Helping the client explore feelings related to their situation
  • Encouraging the client to gain new insights and consider different options to pursue
  • Supporting the client to decide which road to follow and identify first steps
  • Facilitating a review of agreed actions and how these will be reviewed

My key focus is always on supporting coachees to resolve their challenges and develop sustainable solutions that work for them within their context.


 ‘Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you. I have really enjoyed it and found it to be life changing, with no exaggeration.’

Senior Manager, BMI Healthcare

Representative coaching assignments

  • Director, private business – exploring how to work with fellow director, resolve conflict and build an effective working relationship
  • Managing director, private business – exploring how to involve the top team in developing a strategy to grow the business
  • Senior manager, social enterprise – dealing with stress and building confidence lost through an unproductive relationship with her previous manager
  • Senior manager, private business – dealing with stress, prioritising workload, delegating effectively and enabling him to re-gain confidence and respect from colleagues and manager
  • Senior team, private business – facilitating business planning and decision making and building respectful relationships
  • Business partners, private business – facilitating strategy planning and building trust to enable them to be open and honest about their personal ambitions and how that might impact on the business


I’ve seen Sarah’s confidence grow over the last few months and that’s been a joy to watch. I am glad I met you.’

Anne Marie Brown, Chief Executive

Example areas coached on

  • Resolving conflict
  • Dealing with stress
  • Coping with the pressures of a senior role
  • Building effective working relationships / respectful team relationships
  • Involving the top team in developing a strategy for growth
  • Building confidence to manage staff effectively
  • Building confidence to present a business case to colleagues and CEO
  • Understanding personal impact on their team
  • Empowering the senior team and building responsibility
  • Stepping up as a leader, building confidence and getting the best from the team
  • Leading change
  • Prioritising workload and improving time management
  • Facilitating business planning and decision making



‘I learned so much and gained some great insights into how I can work more effectively with others.’

Lesley Gillespie, Operations Manager

If you would like to benefit from coaching for yourself or others in your senior team please feel free to get in touch to arrange a no obligation call to discuss your needs.